IoT, Automation , Data Accusation & Control System Services and Solution in Bangladesh.

Business Scope/ Field Of Work
SR Automation Engineering Specialized in Supply, Installation, Integration and Services involved in the areas of Digital Security System , Digital Automation, Data Accusation & Control System, Building Management System, Time Attendance System, GPS Vehicle Tracking System, CCTV Solution, RFID Automation System, IOT , Fire & Intrution Alarm System, PABX With IP Phone System, and Enterprise Network Service With IT Enables Services.

Smart Building Management System & IoT Solution
Smart Building Management System.
IOT/Embedded System Developments
Digital Automation of Data Acquisition & Control System

Vehicle Tracking Solution
Online GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

Access Control & Attendance System
Bio Matric, RFID, Face Detection, UHF Base Access Control & Time Attendance
Centralized Time Attendance/Access Control System Complete Solution.

Intelligent Vehicle Parking System
Parking Barrier ,Bollard Barrier, Automated Parking System With (RFID, UHF, LPR Integration)
Automatic Garage Door/ Sliding Garage Door / Pedestrian Door
Smart Parking Management & Guidance System

Door /Gate Automation System/ Barrier Automation
Automatic Sensor Sliding Door
Automatic Garage Door/ Sliding Garage Door / Pedestrian Door
Tripod Turnstiles/ Flap Turnstiles Solution
Full Height Turnstiles Solution
Speed Gate, Swing Turnstiles Barrier Solution
Vehicle Bollard Barrier Solution.
Automatic Anti Crash Road Blocker Solution
Emergency Fire Exit Door.

Network Solution
Enterprise Networking. (LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi Network, Structure Cabling, Virtualization Server, Server Room).
PABX / Intercom Solution (IP & Analog PABX Solution with Hybrid PABX /Intercom Solution, Call Center Solution)

Security Surveillance Solution
HD CCTV Solution
IP Camera Solution
Intelligent Video Analysis Solution Like (Face Detection, Thermal Camera, Object Detection, Intrusion Alarm, Line Crossing, License Plate Recognition, etc).
EAS System For Shopping Mall, Shop – Article Surveillance System
Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS).

Security & Inspection Automation System
Under Vehicle Scanner
Metal Detectors & Archway Gate.
Baggage Scanners
Instruction Alarm System.

Fire Detection System
Conventional Fire Alarm System
Addressable Fire Alarm System
Emergnecy Fire Exit Door

ASIC Solution
RFID Products & Asset Tracking Solution
Library Automation Solution
IoT Solution

BMS Control System Complete Solution Includes
Field Devices & Sensors for Data Accusation, Monitoring, Logging
Metering Devices.
Actuators, Valve, VAV and High Level Communication with 3rd Party Hardware.
Direct Digital Control Devices Controllers (DDC).
Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
Energy Management System (EMS)
Data gathering panels (DGP)
Modbus, Lon works, and Bacnet – All refer to communications protocols
‘Front End’ – legacy term used to refer to the BMS Operator Workstation

HVAC Control & Monitoring
Monitor & Control Fans & Dampers
Maintain and monitor a pre-determined Air State with Sensor & Actuators
(in terms of temperature and humidity).
Control Air Handling Units (AHU) & Fan coil Units.

Heating , Cooling & Ventilation Control & Monitoring
Control System Activity
Maintain a Pre-determined Temperature based On Policy and Field Device
Adjust Precision Cooling & Control Ventilation based on occupancy controls
Data Accusations Field Device & Sensors Using Temperate , CO2 Detectors

Boiler Controls System
Control Boiler Activity
Maintain a Constant Temperature

Lighting Control.
Set a Pattern for Lights to switch on/off According to a specified schedule Panel.

Electrical Controls System
Electric Power Control & Meeting Control
Control & Monitor Core Electrical and mechanical equipment

Security & Observation
Control Access to the facility with Access Control System Integration with BMS
Surveillance and Intrusion Detection Integrated With BMS System

Fire Alarm System
Monitoring Active Alarm locations ;
Smoke/Gas Control system Activation & Deactivation.

Elevators Status System;
Elevator Video Display.
Control & Monitor Elevator on Certain Event Policy.

Plumbing & Water Monitoring
Control valve operation automatically.
Monitor temperature Deviations.
Detect Hydraulic Flows.

ITC & Voice System Integration
Data Center Environmental and Health Monitoring.

Smart Home Automation System Includes
Smart Hub Base Control Panel Solution
Smart Lighting Control
Air Conditioning Control.
Door, Window, Curtain, Gate , Garage Door Control.
Smart Gardening , Sprinkler System.
Intrusion Alarm System Monitoring
Energy Management System (EMS)
Safety Alarm System.
Smart Television and Music Entertainments Control
Smart Glass, Mobiles, Panel Center Based Control Solution from Renown Brand

Automatic Door Solution
Automatic Swing Door
Automatic Sensor Sliding Door
Automatic Hermetic Shield Door For LAB, Hospital, Bio Chemical Lab,
Automatic Door Integration With BMS, Access Control System
Automatic Garage
Automatic Shutter ( Industrial Shutter, Revolving Shutter)

Automatic Gate Solution for Home, Office, Building & Industry
Automatic Sliding Gate for Office, Building & Industry.
Full Automation of Automatic Door with RFID Integration
Full Automation of Automatic Door with LPR Integration
Automatic Gate With Manual Control & Remote Control

Control System Solution.
Remote Control / Manual Push Switch Control System
Automation Sensor Based Automatic Open/Close and Traffic Light
Mobiles Apps / IoT Base Automation & Control System

Solution Specific.
Automatic Door Solution for Showroom, Office, Hospital ASIC.
Automatic Gate of Industries, Parking Lot, Buildings.

Fire Detection & Fire Alarm System SolutionFire Detection & Fire Alarm System Solution

Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm System
Smoke, Heat and Gas Detection System with Conventional Panel.
GSM Alarm System Integration.

Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm System
Smoke, Heat and Gas Detection System with Addressable Panel.
GSM Alarm System Integration
BMS System Integration.
IoT Integration.

Fire Exit Solution.
Emergency Fire Exit Door
Fire Exit Flash Light, Guidance Light.

Intrusion Alarm/Burglar Alarm Automation & Control System SolutionIntrusion Alarm/Burglar Alarm Automation & Control System Solution

Intrusion Alarm Solution
Basic Alarm Solution
GSM Base SMS/Call Alarm System.
Wired Panel Alarm Solution.
Community Alarm Solution.
Alarm Solution with Camera MMS.
Addressable/ Conventional Fire Alarm System Integration Solution.

Sensor Solution for Alarm Monitoring System
Fire Detector (Wired/Wireless)
Smoke Detector(Wired/Wireless)
Motion Detector(Wired/Wireless)
Door Monitoring/Window Monitoring Sensors.
Glass Break Detector Sensor.
Seismic/Vibration Detector Sensors.

Services We Provide :

Safety & Security System

Access Control System
Burglar/Intruder Alarm
Time Attendance
PABX System
Biometrics System
Metal Detector
Digital CCTV System
POS system
Fire Detection (Alarm)
Video Door Phone
Fire Protection (Hydrant)
Automatic Sliding Door
FM200, CO2, Inergen
Security Film
Fire Extinguisher
Car Park Barrier
Water Sprinkler
Apartment Security
PA System
Turnstile Control System

Automation Products & Service

Home Automation System
Buidling Automation System
Automatic Sensor Sliding Door
Automatic Pedestrian Gate
Automatic Swing Door
Intelligent Parking System
Car Barrier System, Boom Barrier
Toll Management System
Under Vehicle Scanner
Access Control & Time Attendance System
Tripod Turnstile Gate, Flap Barrier, Turnstiles Automation
Access Barrier System.
Metal Detector & Scanners
Security Gate
Fire Alarm System
Security Alarm System
Industrial Control Panel
Others Security Automation Products.

ID card Printer, printing and Accessories supply

ID Card Printers Sales & Support
Proximity/PVC Card Supply
PVC & Proximity ID card Printing
Lamination Card
Membership Card Design & Printing
Insurance Card
All kinds of ID Card Holder
All kinds of Lanyard
Garments /woven Print Lanyard
All kinds of YOYO
All kinds of Logo Print
All kind of screen print

IT & IoT Automation Base System

IOT Automation System Design
Embedded System
Custom Electronics Controller
GPS Tracking System
Network Solution
IP Security Surviellance System
Bio Matric, RFID Base Time Attendance System
Face Detection System
RFID Automation.
Laser Printer Toner Cartridge
IT Accessories
IoT Smart Automation Solution
IoT Smart Building Solution